From craft markets to Macy Gray

I know I was young, and incredible food festivals were probably happening across the country, but since the days of craft markets in school fields, it seems like South Africa is really stepping up its foodie festival game.

My favourite part of the weekend when I was in primary school was heading to the Rondebosch Craft Market –  not strictly a food jol, I know, but it was the start of my experience in open-air food festivals and markets. There we would try all the new home-made jams from Brenda down the road, eat pizza from a mobile wood-burning oven, ride the rides (or the one ride), buy pink or blue candy-floss in puffed-up plastic bags, and paint plates. We loved them. 

While I still hope that these types of craft markets are still booming across the country, the landscape is a little different nowadays, some 21 years later. Any food festival worth its salt carries a line-up of some heavyweight celebrity chefs, flying in from all corners of the globe, as well as live demos, culinary classes, tasting experiences…

South Africa has a food festival scene that is bound to pique anyone’s culinary interest – from cheese and biltong, to prickly pears, wine and restaurant showcases, everything and anything edible is covered in a one- or two-day affair, somewhere in the country.  

Nothing is quite like the DStv Delicious Festival, though: a food AND music extravaganza. 

I mean, it’s an obvious marriage of delights. Think about it this way: when you’re hosting a party, big or small, what are the non-negotiables? Good food and good tunes. 

This year, DStv has gone all out, bringing together culinary geniuses like Reza Mahammad and Siba Mtongana, with musical legends like Hugh Masekela and Macy Gray. So you not only learn the tip and tricks from these celebrity chefs, but you also get tap your feet to some great live acts. 

I can’t wait. Yup, I’ll be there this weekend, so make sure you watch our every move on Instagram and Twitter to see all the action! Or maybe I’ll bump into you… I’ll be the one with the pink candy-floss, no doubt.

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