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A lolly to make you jolly

A lolly to truly make you jolly

The height of summer is almost upon us and, as always, we are dreaming of a poolside glass (or three) of chilled Haute Cabrière. Now I’m a real Tranquille fan (if you haven’t spent much time with a bottle of this blush white, you need to), so I didn’t think much could really beat a chilled glass of this on a balmy day.

But, alas, I ate my words. Or should I say, I ate and then drank my words. Because this season, we just might have found something better… Ladies and Gentlemen, may we introduce to you the frozen boozy treat we didn’t know we were waiting for: wine popsicles!

Pierre Jourdan Wine Popsicles, or PJ Pops, as they have fondly been dubbed, are the country’s first home-grown wine popsicle to swoop on to the shelves and into our shopping bags. Conceptualised by JML Consulting, these popsicles have transformed your favourite glass of vino into a playful icy delight.

The pops come in two different flavours; one infused with Pierre Jourdan Brut, a Cap Classique, and the other made with the delicious, rose-tinted Pierre Jourdan Tranquille. Both wines are produced by the acclaimed Franschhoek cellar Pierre Jourdan, at Haute Cabrière.

They are both gorgeously light, easy to devour and insanely refreshing. But we could have expected that, really. What I truly appreciated was the way sucking on an ice lolly instantly catapults you back to your childhood, to the days when you would sit in the park or the beach nursing an orange or mango or berry ice lolly. It’s a delightful feeling. Or maybe that was the wine talking…

These adults-only frozen treats are also vegan-friendly, crafted using all-natural ingredients that make for delicate flavours and beautiful fruity notes. These lollies are the perfect addition to summer braais, garden picnics or afternoons spent lazing on the beach.

So the only question now is: red, white or iced?

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