Fruity yoghurt lollies

  • Post published:January 19, 2018

Our fruity yoghurt lollies make a healthy summer dessert. The yoghurt is full of calcium for strong teeth and bones, so it’s a great snack option for your kids as well. Make them in empty yoghurt containers, or in shot glasses for mini versions.

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A lolly to make you jolly

A lolly to truly make you jolly

  • Post published:November 18, 2016

The height of summer is almost upon us and, as always, we are dreaming of a poolside glass (or three) of chilled Haute Cabrière. Now I’m a real Tranquille fan (if you haven’t spent much time with a bottle of this blush white, you need to), so I didn’t think much could really beat a chilled glass of this on a balmy day.

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