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Here’s how to make the best scrambled eggs, like ever

Whether you’re having them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, here’s how to make the best scrambled eggs ever. All you need to do is follow these 8 tips, and they’ll be perfect every time!

1. Fresh is best! After the first week, the taste and freshness of your eggs fade.

2. Add a small splash of water, milk or cream. Just a splash – too much liquid will leave you with a runny mixture.

3. Whisk the eggs just before adding them to the pan. If you whisk them and then go off to make a cup of coffee, the air bubbles will disappear – and so will the fluffiness.

4. Use the perfect size pan for the amount you are frying. If the pan is too large, it will dry out your eggs.

5. Creamy scrambled eggs are cooked over a low heat. Yes, go low and slow!

6. Stir the eggs often. Use a wooden spoon or spatula to break them up.

7. Remove the cooked eggs from the heat and place on a serving plate immediately so that they don’t dry out.

8. Gordon Ramsay (the king of the scramble) says you should only season eggs right before serving. Salting too early can make them watery and discoloured.

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