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Make your own DIY Christmas crackers this year!

There’s nothing more exciting than the moment you and a loved one get to pull apart Christmas crackers and discover all the fun goodies inside! But why buy store crackers, which only give you a few sweets and a toy, when you can create your own custom DIY Christmas crackers filled with all your favourites?

By Taryn Wilson


– Toilet rolls
– Sellotape
– Wrapping paper, cut into A4 pieces (the more festive the merrier!)
– Ribbon of your choice
– Cracker snaps (available from
– Fillings of your choice


1. Place a toilet roll in the centre of one of your A4 pieces of wrapping paper, and use sellotape to keep it in place on the paper.
2. Put a cracker snap through the toilet roll, and tape it down on one side of the paper.
3. Roll the wrapping paper around the toilet roll lengthways, leaving the sides long.
4. Twist one side of the paper so that it is pinched by the end of the toilet roll, and tie it with ribbon.
5. Place all of your fillings inside the open section of the paper and toilet roll.
6. Repeat step 4 on the open side.

These are the perfect festive gifts for Christmas celebrations.


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