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6 tips to pack your picnic basket like a pro

Spring is on our doorstep and we can’t wait to take our picnic basket out of storage to enjoy an outdoor feast in plush greenery and sunlight. Make sure to use these great packing tips for your next al fresco meal: 

Keep the menu simple 

Choose foods that can sit outside for a while and make your menu straightforward. Who says simple has to be boring? “Any time you’re trying to overdo it at a picnic, you’re heading in the wrong direction,” says Wendy Weston, founder of Perfect Picnic New York City. Foods like sandwiches, quiches and pizzas are easy to pack, transport and eat anywhere – hot or cold.  

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Pack for comfort 

You’ll spend most of your day lounging with your loved ones, so why not make it as comfortable as possible? Throw in a generously sized picnic blanket, preferably lined and thick. Depending on how far you have to lug your items from the car, pack some camping chairs, a small fold-out table and cushions (your back will thank you later). 

Don’t forget the entertainment 

Pack activities for an entertaining afternoon. A board game is small enough to take with you – just make sure it’s suitable for a large group of people (the 30 Seconds board game is always a winner). You can also take a Bluetooth speaker for music or think of fun lawn games to get everyone up and moving. 

Use a cooler box instead of a wicker basket for food 

Wicker baskets may give you that traditional picnic aesthetic (for that perfect Instagram-worthy picture you plan to snap), but it’s not great at keeping your food and drinks safe from the heat. Pack your food in a cooler box instead to control the temperature. A great tip is to freeze water bottles and pack them to keep your drinks extra chilled. Added bonus? You’ll have cold water to drink as it defrosts.    

Cut back on waste with reusable containers 

Ditch the single-use plastic containers and pack and transport your food in reusable containers. You’ll cut back on trash, they’ll fit neatly into the cooler box and will be easy to pack and unpack. 

Take utensils 

Do you really need to take a bottle opener? Is it necessary to take a butter knife and a breadknife and a serving spoon? Yes! It depends on the food and drinks you are packing. Remember, you are outside. So, pack the items you’ll need to open, serve and eat. 

Make this refreshing ice tea – perfect for the whole family. 

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