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Snack-planning for your next roadtrip

The December holidays are fast approaching, which means the festive road trip season is upon us. And the best part of being on the road? The food, of course! If you’re planning a road trip with the family anytime soon, car snacks can literally make or break your trip. Which is why we’ve shared our top tips for packing the family’s snacks like a pro. Take it from us, you’ll be sticking to this advice for many more road trips in the future!

Sharing is not caring (in this case, anyway)

If you’ve ever had kids fighting about food from about 30 minutes into a trip, until the time you arrive at your destination, you’ll be very grateful for this top tip. Pack each passenger’s snacks into their own container. This is an easy way to ensure that everyone has access to their snacks and can indulge at any given time. And luckily the kids don’t have to fight over a bag of crisps – a big win for your sanity.

Say no to messy food

No mess, no fuss! Steer clear of any meals that need to be eaten with utensils. No one likes to fumble with their food while on the road, and it can too easily be spilled, leaving a mess behind for the rest of the ride. Another thing to avoid is chocolate, especially if you are travelling with kids. The chocolate will melt due to the heat, and ultimately you’ll be left with tiny chocolate-covered handprints all over the backseat. Pack spill-free snacks instead, like individually wrapped cheeses and mini packets of pretzels, homemade granola bars and small Ziploc bags with carrots and celery sticks. Easy to handle fruit like apples, pears and bananas work well too. However, avoid messy, sticky fruit like mangos and melons or fruits that require peeling or slicing.

Remember to pack wet wipes, serviettes and garbage bags. Wet wipes are especially important for cleaning your little ones’ hands after every snack to avoid a dirty car.

Stay cool as a cucumber

December in SA is generally a scorcher. Food that needs to be kept cold must be packed in a cooler bag, to avoid them from spoiling too quickly. Then, remember to fill bottles with water or homemade iced tea, and put them in the freezer the previous day before the trip. These frozen bottles serve as ‘ice bricks’ while they slowly defrost in the cooler, and save you from the heat as you enjoy a refreshing, icy beverage to quench your thirst. Fruits such as blueberries and grapes also freeze well and make for yummy cold snacks that the kids will love!

Smelly food should stay at home

Although packed with protein, hard-boiled eggs and cooked chicken are a big ‘no’ if you want to prevent moaning passengers (usually the kids) and a smelly car. Odourless, protein-packed snacks like biltong, and peanut butter and jam sandwiches, are great alternatives. It’s not only delicious, filling and easy to eat in the car.

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