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5 healthy food trends you need to try this year

Food trends pop up into our lives all the time. Some stick around but others faze out. We’re delving into 5 healthy food trends that you should include in your life and make sure that they stay!

By Ulisha Moodley


Chickpea and sweet potato Buddha bowl

These Insta-worthy and aesthetically pleasing food bowls are quite unavoidable, which is actually a good thing because they are nutritious and filled with delicious ingredients. These divine one-bowl wonders range from fruit-filled acai bowls to Hawaiian poke (fish or tofu) and whole-grain bowls.

TRY IT: Chickpea and sweet potato buddha bowl


Fermented foods are causing quite a buzz in the food industry right now. Products such as kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, apple cider vinegar and kefir have multiple digestive health benefits and are loaded with probiotics. So the next time you’re in the shops, buy one of these. You’ll be quite impressed!


From taking care of joint and muscle health to improving digestion and being an excellent protein source, collagen is also great for skin care and anti-aging. However due to natural aging, the production of collagen decreases in our bodies. So to ensure that you get a daily dose of collagen, add 1 or 2 tbsp of collagen powder to your smoothie, in soups or in bone broth.


If you thought the popularity of coconut ended with coconut oil and coconut water, you’re mistaken. Coconut flour is a great and healthy alternative to add to baked goods. It will also give your dish a more decadent, nutty flavour. Coconut flour is gluten-free and packs 5 g of fibre per 2 tbsp, with only 2 g of total and saturated fat.

TRY IT: Buckwheat and coconut flapjacks


Quinoa and tahini brinjal rolls

I guess you could call tahini the Middle Eastern brother of peanut butter because this gem has become a staple in many kitchen cupboards. Used in smoothies, raw bars, salad dressing and even in cocktails, tahini is made from sesame seeds so it’s perfect for people who have nut allergies. The benefits include immune-boosting, regulating blood pressure and cholesterol properties, and it also improves skin health.

TRY IT: Quinoa and tahini roll-ups

Header image: @wholefoodshouse// Instagram

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