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Drink Black Insomnia because #SleepingIsCheating

A few months ago, Black Insomnia Coffee Company took over the MK headquarters. It was a Monday morning. I was just settling into the day when I received an email. All I read was ‘Free coffee’, before launching out of my chair, grabbing my mug and joining the burgeoning queue. Only after my spot was secured did I see their banners: I was about to drink a cup of the world’s strongest coffee.


By Roxy Greeff

Owner Sean Kristafor was on the scene, making sure everyone had their very first sip of Black Insomnia correctly. When I told him I needed to get sugar, he assured me I wouldn’t need it. So,  with him and all of my colleagues watching me intently, I took my first sip…

And my-oh-my, was he right. It didn’t taste at all as I expected. Considering the staggering caffeine content, it is an exceptionally smooth blend of the best Ugandan, Guatemalan and Brazilian beans, with just enough sweet nuttiness in its hazelnut finish. And despite it being my first cup, I did unfortunately cheat and slept like a baby that night. I guess I’ll just have to drink more of it.

And before we get into the nitty-gritty, in their words: ‘Black Insomnia is made with love; it’s made with passion. But it’s also made with loads of integrity and without any frills. So play your music loud, live even louder, and wear black leather because you can. Coffee isn’t a culture. It’s life.’


Not only do they sell their entire product range online, they also ship worldwide. You can get Black Insomnia beans or grinds in 250g and 1 kg packages, and Black Insomnia capsules in packs of 10. You know what that means? You can enjoy the world’s strongest coffee no matter what coffee machine (or lack of one if you’re like me and use a plunger) you have.


They also stock an option that is cold-brewed for 48 hours for extra smoothness and taste. And if 250 ml wasn’t enough (when is it ever), you can get hold of a 15L keg of the good stuff, a nitrogen-enhanced cold brew called #BLACKNITRO from their website. They recommend you drink it on the rocks or spiked with some Jack Daniels Fire.



Soon you can throw away all those sugar-filled energy drinks – because they will be adding Black Insomnia Nitrox to the family. This #BlackNight brew will have four times the caffeine content compared to popular competitors with no unhealthy additives or sugar.


Drink it: Shift Espresso Bar, Haas Collective, Hard Pressed Cafe, Ginja Beanz, all Cape Town; Tea & Coffee Emporium, Gauteng; Bocadillos Bakery & Cafe, Eastern Cape; Roast Caffe & Delicatessen, North West.
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