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3 ways to keep your mind and body healthy during lockdown

It’s hard to focus on eating well when the most exciting part of your day is moving from your couch to your fridge. And it’s even harder to stay active when you’re cooped up in a small space for long periods of time. Here are our top three ways of staying healthy during lockdown.


Ditch the colourants, additives and processed nasties by turning your attention to real food with real health benefits. Eating well shouldn’t feel restrictive, and fortunately, there are wonderful alternatives to your old favourites that come with all the added health benefits you need – it all comes down to making simple swaps.

B-well have created a deliciously nutritious reduced oil mayonnaise that it is bursting with flavour. With 47% less fat and heaps of omega-3, this is the perfect addition to any dish, and it’s vegan-friendly!

Bonus, it’s also so easy to ramp up the flavour of your favourite condiment so that you can use it for a whole host of dishes and treats. Check out our 4 flavoured mayonnaise recipes here.


The number of workouts available online is endless. Surf the internet for new ideas that will see you breaking into a healthy sweat in no time. Get your heart rate up with HIIT routines, strengthen your core and tone up with at-home pilates classes or work on your flexibility with some yoga. Want to up the ante, but don’t have weights available at home? You can get creative and fill you empty B-well mayo containers with water to use as dumbbells.

And remember that any kind of physical activity is good, so cleaning your home, dancing and stretching before are all great low-key options.


A massive part of keeping your mental health in check is about eating well and getting enough physical activity. If these two points aren’t being maintained, it can become easier for stress and anxiety to manifest.

Keep your blood sugar levels in check with a balanced diet and get those endorphins pumping with a good workout. B-well’s Reduced Oil Mayonnaise is packed with essential omega-3 fatty acids, which have been known to help ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression over time.

Avoid processed foods, caffeine and watching too many negative news stories, especially before bed or while you’re eating. You can also take the time to practice meditation, get in touch with your inner child by playing games, or just get creative in any way you know how. Setting goals and sticking to a daily routine is also highly recommended.

B-WELL is passionate about health and wellness and what better way to communicate this than by
creating a cookbook that aims at improving your immune system. This fun and informative cookbook will empower the entire family with its easy-to-follow guide in promoting effective immune response. Many recipes include a lot of these essential macronutrients, like Omega 3 & 6 which is packed in our B-well canola products.

Check out the B-WELL website here to find the cookbook or find them on Facebook or Instagram.

Words: Robyn Simpson
Photography: Courtesy images, Pexels

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