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Nicky Stubbs’ new book takes us all home

For Nicky Stubbs, cooking and eating go hand in hand with quality family time – as I’m sure it does for most of us. And that’s exactly what she’s sharing with everyone in her new recipe book, For Friends and Family.

‘I grew up in a home where the kitchen and dining room, simple family meals and elaborate celebrations and anniversaries revolved around cooking, eating, feeing and sharing,’ says Nicky. ‘Meals were a cause for joy and community. My mother almost always lit candles and dimmed the lights to make every dinner an occasion, even if it was only toasted cheese before we headed out to the theatre.’

Her book is a real celebration of everything she used to love to eat at home – from her mom’s lemon sponge cake and her uncle’s coq au vin, to her gran’s apple crumble with stewed plums. I appreciate the way it  reminds us about how important these times are: when you can sit down and enjoy a meal with your #family.

‘How could I avoid falling in love with food, feeding people and eating? Recreating these dishes that have been handed down to me makes miss these wonderful people less. And, sometimes, more,’ says Nicky.

The recipes are lovely, homely and uncomplicated; a subtle nod to a time when food was fuss-free, family-style, simple. There’s a handy section with all your conversions, pantry staples and kitchen equipment, and each recipe comes with either a personal anecdote, chef’s tips or serving suggestions.

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