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3 tips to make the perfect burger 

Get ready to impress your friends (and your taste buds). From ingredient choices to technique, here are three ways to take your burger from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Choose the right meat 

When it comes to burgers, choosing the right meat is crucial. The more fat there is in the meat, the juicier and more delicious the patty will be. Minced beef, lamb or pork, which have a higher fat content (usually around 20%), are ideal for a succulent burger. If you are looking for leaner cuisine, opt for a chicken burger instead – here, the leaner the chicken breast, the better.  

Get creative with your ‘buns’ 

Unlock a whole new world of flavour when you swap out your bread buns. Although we love a bun-less burger (thank you for your service, lettuce wraps), we’re loving a fried chicken burger between two waffles, or wrapping a beef patty in caramelised onion slices (looking at you, Flying Dutchman). Another idea is to mix sweet and savoury by pressing your chicken burger between two glazed doughnut rings – a weird and wonderful combination that tastes delicious!  

Layer to perfection 

When building your burger, you want to get the order of the ingredients just right for the perfect flavour explosion when you sink your teeth into it. After toasting the bun, add your sauce of choice and layer on your fresh ingredients – think rocket, cucumber and tomato. This layer will catch all the meat juices. Now add a slice of cheese before topping with your hot patty straight from the pan or grill – the cheese will instantly melt and stick to the patty as it rests on it. Finish with extras like pickled onion, gherkins and creamy avocado. Yum! 

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