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Health trends 2017

2017 health trends forecast: Here’s what you need to know

And just like that, another year has come to pass. 2016 has been… interesting. It was the year of of the smoothie bowl, the olympics, freakshakes, the death of David Bowie and the rise of Donald Trump. As always, we’re looking ahead! Here are our predictions for the big health food trends for 2017.

By Jana du Plessis

Trend #1: The soup cleanse

We’ve spoken about it before , and we’ll have to say it again as it’s clearly a trend that’s here to stay. Soup cleanses will be taking over from the currently popular juice cleanse. Proponents of this kind of detox say it’s easy on the digestive system and it provides more nutrients than high-fructose juices, but it’s still recommended to be limited to 3-5 days at a time. This cleansing diet is perfect for those of you who want to hit the restart button on your slightly derailed health habits and get back on track with conscious eating and active living.

Trend #2: Watermelon water

Remember when everyone was reaching for a glass of coconut water? Well, coconuts have been replaced by our favourite hydrating summer fruit; watermelon! Watermelon water is nothing more than cold-pressed watermelon (watermelon juice). This sweet delight is not only delicious but high in vitamin C and rich in anti-aging, immune-boosting antioxidants.

Trend #3: Sustainable eating

With the release of Leonardo Di Caprio’s 2016 documentary film, Before the Flood, the average citizen has become increasingly aware of climate change and the impact our consumer behaviour has on the environment. Denmark has proved it’s thinking ahead with an environmental plan that aims to make the country’s agricultural system completely organic and sustainable. This includes limiting imported produce to reduce the country’s carbon dioxide emissions. Next year will be all about buying locally and growing your own veggies. To read more about Denmark’s ideas, click here.

Trend #4: Full-fat dairy

We are thanking the food gods! Butter, cream and all things rich and delicious are making a comeback – and without a trace of guilt! Recent research has shown that introducing a moderate amount of dairy fat into our diets is not as bad for our bodies as we previously believed. The focus is on nourishing, minimally processed foods, and a healthy dose of good-quality cheese!

Trend #5: Kava

When it comes to unusual drinks, kombucha came first and now kava has arrived on the scene. This South Pacific drink has been a staple in their local cultures for thousands of years. Kava is favoured for the slight buzz it gives its drinker – similar to that of alcohol, but without the dreaded hangover. It elevates mood, reduces stress and anxiety, and is a natural pain reliever. It is becoming so popular in Western societies that kava bars are replacing their boozier counterparts all over the United States, and we are sure the trend will be making it’s way to South Africa soon!

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