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5 life-changing cooking spray hacks for your kitchen

A simple tin of cooking spray is something that almost all of us have in our kitchen at all times, and it is one of those miracle products that serves beyond its original non-stick purpose. From making meals healthier and cooking easier, to preventing food stains and squeaky cupboards, B-well’s cooking spray range is a pantry staple we can’t get enough of. That’s why we’re following their lead and working smarter in the kitchen with these five cooking spray hacks.

1. PREVENT YOUR FREEZER FROM FROSTING OVER – Spray some cooking spray all over your defrosted ice box and then wipe away any excess with a piece of kitchen towel so that you are left with a thin layer. This prevents ice from building up and will make your next freezer clean-out a breeze.

2. GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY, BUT STAY CLEAN – Prepping your food with your hands is all a part of the fun, especially when you’re working with dough or making patties, meatballs, falafel, fritters and more. Douse your hands with some cooking spray to prevent your mixture from coming apart and sticking to your fingers for fuss-free rolling and molding.

3. SILENCE THE SQUEAKS – Quieten any door or cupboard creaks by spraying the hinges with some cooking spray.

4. PLASTIC CONTAINERS THAT ARE CLEAR AS GLASS – There’s nothing worse than a clean lunchbox or storage container that is clean but looks dirty. Prevent food stains from rich foods like curries and tomato-based dishes by spraying your containers with cooking spray before filling them. The oil will act as a protective barrier, stopping plastic stains in their tracks! As a bonus, B-well’s cooking sprays are also microwave-friendly, helping you to minimise dishes and making meal-prep effortless.

5. TARGET SOAP SCUM AT YOUR SINK – Spray some cooking spray over any grime that has built up in and around your sink and leave to sit for five minutes. The cooking spray will help to break down the dirt, and you can easily just wipe it away.

By: Robyn Simpson
Photography: Unsplash, courtesy images

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