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The ultimate kitchen and dining area tile collection from Italtile

How dull would life be if only one tile fits all? If every home looked the same, our spaces would lose their individuality and their personality. But when it comes to decorating your kitchen and dining areas, Italtile promises one of South Africa’s widest range of luxury imported and local porcelain tiles for walls and floors, indoor and outdoor. From a wood aesthetic to stone and screed, here are some of our favourites, and there’s sure to be tile collection perfect for you.


Wood is forever on-trend and will never go out of fashion. Plus, it’s the perfect way to bring a sense of nature into the home. We love its natural glow and the uneven pattern in its grains just gets more beautiful over time. Real wood flooring is expensive and difficult to upkeep, as well as being unsustainable to the environment. Wood-look tiles offer a sustainable option that looks amazing and is easy to clean and maintain. Italtile has partnered with international and local tile masters to bring their customers a breath-taking array of options in varying lengths, textures, treatments and colours.

1. Moda Vinile

If you’re after beauty on a budget, your best choice is Italtile’s brand-new wood-look vinyl planks. This range consists of a stone/plastic composite board base with a surface finish that mimics a wooden texture. It comes in five colours and is resistant to stains, moisture, heat, scratches, termite action and full name, making it perfect for your dining room. With careful installation and maintenance, your slender vinyl timbers will give you up to 25 beautiful years.

2. ColorArt by Ceramica Sant’Agostino

Reclaimed, upcycled and repurposed wood items have been trending for some time now, and Italian tile masters Sant’Agostino have used incredible digital technology to create a porcelain tiles range that perfectly embraces this richly-textured and personality-packed style. Their tiles are complete with burnt, worn and painted expressions, making it a highly individualistic choice that is magnificent on both walls and floors for an eclectic space. They will be perfect for your outdoor patio area for rustic al fresco dining or on the walls of your kitchen for a wood cabin feel.


Italtile have sourced tiles that capture the ancient and timeless look that only raw stone can bring, everything from tiles that mimic the rock that clads the slopes of the Italian alps, to fascinating slates and honeyed stone that will make anyone look twice.

3. Klif by Atlas Concorde

This magnificent range reimagines the striated beola stone from Val D’Ossola in the Italian Alps. It carries an innate expressive strength and a timeless elegance making it perfect for a stylish minimalist kitchen or outdoor eating area. They have an unbeatable finish that handles high traffic with ease.

4. Millenia
Sandstone is a South African natural wonder, and a massive chunk of it sits in Cape Town’s Table Mountain! Millenia works that gorgeous honeyed magic into a raw earthy tile with unique patterning that will really come to life in your outdoor eating space or braai area, all with the added benefit of a slip-resistant finish.


Cement following became common during the Industrial Revolution, where factory wooden floors and ceiling beans were a major fire hazard. This practicality developed into a trend that also encompasses exposed metal and brick.

5. Tough Torre

This locally-manufactured screed-look porcelain range offers an authentic mottling of colour and a matt finish for interior floors and walls, making it the perfect choice for an industrial-style kitchen. It is also available with a slip-resistant finish, making it great for outdoor areas.

6. Spazio
These local-made newcomers were an instant hit when they landed on the shelves at Italtile. They’re available in three colours, and have been created with eight faces and a shade variance of 3V. This means that you are guaranteed a very authentically varied set of tiles where the design and amount of colour will differ from one tile to the next, perfect for bringing an artistic space together.

7. Terrazzo razzle dazzle with NewDeco
This tile is more a celebration of Venetian life than a mere floor or wall covering. This new and exciting tile offers trend-getters an authentic and lively interpretation of terrazzo. Traditionally created for northern Italian nobility, terrazzo was the aggregation of a cement substrate and chips of granite, marble, and sometimes even mother of pearl. They were then polished smooth to create a dazzling surface that sparkled in the sun. You’ll have seen this look expressed on tables, coffee mugs, stationery and even bed linen. It is one kitchen design trend we can’t wait to see even more of as it moves from something fashionable to a well-established look.

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Words: Roxy Greeff
Photography: Courtesy images

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