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Have the Ultimate Braai Season with Woody’s 

Gear up for the ultimate braai season with the Woody’s Smoked Pork Braai Range and these quick and easy recipe ideas.

If there’s one activity that unites South Africans, it’s definitely gathering around the coals and having a good  ol’ braai. And with weeks and weeks of sunny weather ahead of us, there’s no doubt that braai season in South Africa isn’t going away any time soon.

So, along with friends, family and those ice-cold beverages, no braai is complete without grilling Woody’s flavoursome smoked braai products. As with all our quality pork products, the braai range features a selection of premium meats that are sow crate-friendly, beechwood-smoked  as well as MSG-free.  Not to mention, we support local farms that are dedicated to ethical and sustainable rearing methods. We pride ourselves on producing expertly crafted products that are as flavourful and cruelty-free as possible.

If you tune into the latest season of The Ultimate Braai Master, you will see our braai range  in all its glory – we’re a proud sponsor of the show, so do check it out every Sunday on at 4 PM!

But back to the grill, over at Woody’s HQ, we conjured up mouth-wateringly good recipes using some of our favourite braai products for you to try the next time you fire up the coals.


To get those mouths watering, we suggest whipping up our delicious bacon grillers, served on bruschetta as a starter. Not only do these bite-sized treats look exquisite, but they taste delicious, thanks to the adventurous flavour combinations. You just can’t go wrong with bacon grillers, avo and halloumi!

With appetisers out of the way, you can focus on the star meal, the one that will have your guests coming back for seconds. Of course, we have a selection of excellent ideas inspired by flavours from around the world.


Our first recommendation? Coconut and chilli-marinated pork neck steaks served with fresh green  beans. This somewhat Thai-inspired dish is perfectly balanced with the creaminess of the coconut milk and the fiery kick of the chillies.


The next culinary pit stop is Mexico  for something with a kick of a different kind: tequila! We’re talking about  tequila ribs with crushed baby potatoes. When we tell you this recipe packs a smoky tanginess like no other, we mean it!

Naturally, we can’t just stop here on our journey; after all, South Africans like to have options when it comes to tucking into grilled meats.


And from Mexico to the Middle East! Our  smoked belly rashers are given a  fresh and fragrant boost in this Middle Eastern-inspired tabbouleh.


What would a braai be without the perfect side-dish? But, not just any side-dish we’re talking mielies smothered in a bacon butter (yes, you read that correctly) that’s infused with paprika, thyme and pepper.

Of course, should you prefer your braai to be a little more straight-forward, you can just throw any of our yummy Woody’s Smoked Braai Products, such as our delectable Bacon & Cheese Braaiwors, or Belly & Peppadew Sosaties on the coals and enjoy!  Now all that’s left for you to do is compile a guest list, grab all the necessary ingredients and have a memorable braai season!

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