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How to make the most of your groceries – in less than 5 minutes!

‘Buy in bulk and save’ is slapped on many a bargain-buy, but sadly, it ain’t always so. We tell you which groceries to stock up on and which to buy when you need.

Stockpile these (especially when they’re on special!)

1. Long-life milk: Even if you’re buying fresh milk too, there’ll be days when you run out and you’ll be grateful to have a carton of long-life in your cupboard for your afternoon cup of tea.
2. Condiments: Any industrially sealed (and unopened!) sauce or spread will keep until its expiry date.
3. Tinned food: Fish, beans, veggies and sauces are handy staples to keep in your pantry.
4. Kitchen supplies: Dishwashing liquid, roller towels and paper napkins.
5. Pickles: These are made to last! Olives, capers and preserves, such as marmalade and jam, will also go the distance.

Do not stock up on these
1. Fresh produce: Buy what you’ll eat!
2. Spices: Pungency decreases over time, especially with ground spices.
3. Flours and grains: Weevils can wipe out an entire stock, even through plastic packaging!
4. Baby food: What will you do with those 27 jars of puréed peas when Baby’s taste changes?

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