Buttermilk rusks

  • Post published:May 27, 2017

Every South African should be able to whip out a batch of these whenever the craving arises. Especially since we have been making buttermilk rusks since the 17th century as a way of preserving bread.

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Almond and apricot nougat

  • Post published:May 17, 2017

Do we need to say anymore? There is no need to feel daunted when facing a nougat recipe. It is incredibly easy to make; our almond and apricot nougat comes together in a mere 6 steps. You will need some liquid glucose and a sugar thermometer, both of which can be purchased from a wide range of supermarkets.

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Poached pears

  • Post published:May 6, 2017

They are quick and easy to make, oh-so-delicious and comforting. Is there any better winter dessert than humble spiced poached pears? Ours are even more special because you can poach them in the oven, which means less time spent standing in front of the stove for you.

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Peach tart

  • Post published:April 29, 2017

You will not believe how easy this tart is to prepare and it will look absolutely amazing on your table. Not to mention that fact that’s it’s truly delicious with its combo of peaches, winter spices, honey and vanilla.

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Bacon and beer bread

  • Post published:April 15, 2017

The braai weather is almost gone so take advantage and squeeze one in this weekend. Make this beer bread to accompany your vleis. It’s really quick to make and doesn’t require any of the efforts of a traditional bread, but it still offers all the flavour.

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Caramel apple pie

  • Post published:March 18, 2017

As much as we like to get fancy in the kitchen, we love nothing more than a lovely, comforting, classic bake. And nothing screams homely quite like an apple pie straight from the oven. Who’s with us?

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