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Steak and spuds with salsa verde

Serves 4

Total time: 30 minutes


Olive oil 1½ tbsp
Medium potatoes 500 g
Beef fillet medallions 8 x 100 g
Watercress, trimmed 350 g

Garlic clove, minced
Dijon mustard 1 tsp
Baby capers 2 tsp
Red-wine vinegar 3 tsp
Gherkins 3
Loosely packed fresh mint leaves ¼ cup
Loosely packed fresh basil leaves ¼ cup
Coarsely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley 2 tbsp
Olive oil ¼ cup


1. Preheat the oven to 220°C. Line an oven tray with baking paper.
2. Cut potatoes lengthwise into 1/2 cm-thick slices. Toss with half the oil on the prepared tray; season. Roast the potatoes for 20 minutes or until golden and tender.
3. Heat remaining oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Season beef and cook for 21/2 min on each side for medium, or until cooked as desired.
4. Serve the steak with roasted potatoes, watercress and salsa verde.

For the salsa 
1. Process the ingredients until finely chopped, then season to taste.

Top tip

To prepare the watercress, pick off the smaller sprigs and discard the larger thicker stems, which are more peppery.

Salsa verde is such a versatile sauce; complementing all meats (steamed and grilled). You can also toss it through pasta and use it in sandwich fillings. So, make an extra big batch, and store in the fridge for up to 1 week.



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