You are currently viewing Spenu – the budget dining app you’ve been looking for

Spenu – the budget dining app you’ve been looking for

The Spenu app serves as a platform to bring diners affordable dining options and restaurant promotions specific to their location. Yes, that’s right. A foodie app with GPS tracking to offer you the best meals just around the corner!

Quick reach
The deals on the app are divided into each day of the week as they are put on offer, and then ranked according to your current distance from each of the participating eateries. You simply go in on the chosen day you want to make use of a promotional offer and scroll to see how far you’ll have to travel.

Take part
Restaurants register on the app and users can download it from the Google Play or iOS App Store. As new restaurants are registered, their deals are uploaded and added to the app’s database for all nearby app users to find.

Location, location, location
As handy as this app sounds, is it currently only available in Cape Town. But fear not! Spenu is expanding its reach and aims to cover the whole of South Africa with its nifty business idea. For more information, head to

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