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Skinny strawberry margaritas

Skinny strawberry margaritas

Strawberries are bursting with antioxidants and good-for-you nutrients, while orange and lime add a delicious tang to these healthy, happy-hour strawberry margaritas. Remember to freeze your strawberries the night before, so they’re ready when you need them.

SERVES 2 // PREP TIME 5 mins

12 strawberries, frozen
60 ml tequila
1 orange, juiced
1 lime juiced, plus extra, sliced, to serve
2 tbsp agave syrup or stevia
1½ cups ice
Sea salt, to serve

1. Tip out a good amount of sea salt on to a small plate. Dip just the rim of 2 margarita glasses in water, and then into the salt.
2. In a blender, blend the frozen strawberries, tequila, orange juice, lime juice, sweetener and ice together until the ice is crushed and the texture is smooth.
3. Pour into the salt-rimmed glasses, garnish with lime slices and serve.

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