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The Seven Pot Wonders: the must-have pots for your kitchen

Pots are like friends! There’s nothing better than that one that you can rely on, which will you cook up something delicious in times of need. Here are our top picks of the pots and pans that no home chef should go without.


Wok If you are a fan of Asian-style cooking, having a beautiful wok in your kitchen is an absolute must. Classic woks have a rounded bottom with handles on either side. They are spectacular for whipping up something in a flash. It’s also incredibly versatile; use it for stir-frying, steaming, pan-frying, deep-frying, poaching, boiling, braising, searing, stewing and even soup-making!

Small frying pan

A good frying pan is an essential item for every self-respecting cook. Frying pans were originally made using cast iron although now they are made the more durable stainless steel or aluminium. Use a small frying pan to whip up the ultimate breakfast; fry a single egg, sauté onions and button mushrooms, and of course, cook up some bacon!

Large frying pan

Frying pan A well-made large frying pan will help you cook just about anything, from frittatas and tarte Tatins to one-pan meals like chicken curry or a healthy stir-fries. And if you know you are going to be using it (mostly) for foods like like to stick, we recommend a non-stick stainless steel option.

Griddle pan

Griddle pan Calling all meat-lovers – this is the pan you shouldn’t go without. A griddle pan is best for cooking a beautiful juicy steak. It will give your cut of meat those mouth-watering griddle marks and maintain a high heat so you can cook your dinner to just the right temperature.

Small pot

Small pot

Use one of these babies for sauces, be it a rich tomato and onion gravy, a hollandaise or some melting chocolate sauce.

Medium pot

Medium pot

A sturdy medium pot is just the right size to cook pasta, rice and veggies for the whole family without having too many leftovers.

Large pot

Large pot

As for a large pot, whip up a crowd-sized batch of soup, stew or whatever tickles your fancy. Make it now and easily freeze the rest for a night you don’t feel like cooking.

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