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Univa: selfie approved kitchen appliances

Gone are the days when your kitchen appliances were simply there to help make a meal.
Today your appliances are trend-setting and a reflection of your style… literally. Sleek mirror doors and stainless steel finishes are making built-in ovens and hobs the new Instagrammable must-haves.
This new trend is not reserved for the well-heeled and celebrities only. Brands like Univa are making stunningly beautiful appliances affordable for us mere mortals so that a designer-looking kitchen is within everyone’s reach. Univa’s new range of beautiful Built-In Ovens offers Eye-Level and Under Counter Ovens with a selection of hobs to suit your cooking style. Any kitchen looks simply stunning with a sleek, modern built-in oven and hob, but it’s not all about looks – the new Univa range is available as Static or Multifunction ovens for a new dimension of cooking and baking performance. 
Memories are made in the kitchen, where friends and family gather to create unforgettable moments for a lifetime. Univa products are renowned for long-lasting performance at an affordable price. They believe that good value means that you do not have to compromise on functionality, features or style – that is why their range of appliances is backed by a 24 month full warranty.
Univa ovens, stoves, fridges and freezers are manufactured in South Africa to ensure the highest quality standards and value for money. It also means that spares are always readily available wherever Univa products are sold – you don’t have to wait for expensive imported parts if anything needs replacement. What’s more, by creating local jobs, Univa has been invested in South Africa’s growth and well-being since 1958.
Beauty, performance and feel-good flair – make sure your kitchen catches the Univa trend.

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