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Roxy’s cherry, apple and cider-glazed chicken

Inspired by medieval ways of preparing meat, our social media manager, Roxy, developed this old-school apple, cherry and cider-glazed chicken, and it has become a regular on her family’s Christmas table ever since!

1 whole chicken or 8 chicken pieces
3 tbsp butter
Salt and pepper
1 cup cider
⅔ cup honey
1 cup quartered glacé cherries
1 cup roughly chopped apple
1 tbsp chopped mint

1. Preheat oven to 180°C.
2. Pat chicken dry and rub with 2 tbsp melted butter. Place in a roasting tin and season.
3. Roast for 30 minutes for a whole chicken/15 minutes for pieces. Turn over and roast for a further 30/15 minutes.
4. Combine the remaining 1 tbsp butter, cider, honey, cherries and apple in a pot. Simmer until the fruit has plumped up and sauce has reduced, 15–30 minutes.
5. Turn the chicken again and pour the glaze over. Roast for a 20 minutes, until it fully cooked.
6. Serve chicken with the glaze and fruit from the roasting tin, and fresh mint.

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