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Roasted grapefruit palomas

Happy Friday! Today we’re showing you how to make a classic delicious cocktail without any artificial sugar and no compromise on taste. Let cocktail hour begin with a batch of these grapefruit palomas!


3 ruby grapefruits (2 halved; 1 sliced, to garnish)
2 oranges, halved
1 tbsp Himalayan pink salt
¼ cup white tequila
Ice, to serve
1 cup soda water

1. On a hot griddle pan, char the grapefruit and orange halves until fragrant.
2. Juice and sieve the fruit from the charred halves into a bowl and mix in ½ tbsp salt. Set aside.
3. Rub the rim of a glass with a grapefruit slice. Pour the remaining salt on to a plate and tip the glass upside down on the plate to coat the rim with salt.
4. Pour the citrus juices, tequila and ice into a large jug. Stir until fully combined. Add ice to each salt-rimmed glass and pour in the paloma mixture. Fill up with soda water and garnish with a grapefruit slice.

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