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Get your kitchen real clean with pure pine gel perfection

While spending time creating and experimenting in the kitchen can be one of the best things ever, the chore of clean-up can be a real dampener, especially when you are strapped for time. Plush Supreme All Purpose Pine Gel is available in Fresh Pine and Lavender to have your space feeling and smelling oh-so clean in no time at all.

This simple one-step cleaning solution comes in both 500 ml and 1 L tubs and can be used on any surface, including walls, floors and tiles; not only in your kitchen but the bathroom and all washable surfaces in your home as well. In addition to thoroughly cleaning, it also deodorises and leaves your home filled with a fresh fragrance.

Pine Gel is one of the most versatile cleaning products around and is a must-have for every home. It contains a high concentration of surfactants (a chemical agent capable of reducing the surface tension of the liquid in which it is dissolved) as well as 100% pure all-natural pine oil, which is concentrated for a tougher clean. It will clean all tough dirt and stains while neutralising any odours, leaving a long-lasting fresh pine fragrance. Sounds like the perfect kitchen cleaning solution to us!

Also available in this range are the Plush Supreme Pine Oil Spray Spot/Stain Remover (500 ml trigger) and the Pine Oil Foam Spot/Stain Remover (275 ml aerosol can). They provide a great new and convenient way to use the Pine Gel you love and trust, pine oil cleaning properties included. The powerful formula in these products will restore your stained items by effectively removing spots and stains from most fabric garments spotless with leaving a pleasant aroma. Even old or stubborn stains (hello dish towels and cloths!) don’t stand a chance with these amazing stain-removal products.

You can trust Plush Supreme to expertly clean your floors, tiles and everything in between. The Plush Supreme Home Care range is available at all leading retailers and offers a selection of value-for-money products that will help you bring out the best in your home, furniture and upholstery.

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