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Get innovation and convenience with Pacific West

The Pacific West story began in Australia in 1995, when the company began producing high-end, quality seafood products. Today, Pacific West spans over 20 countries, bringing the finest and freshest seafood products to satisfied customers around the world.

With global offices located in Australia, the United Kingdom, France, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia, the brand has established an extensive network to various international retail chains and food service distributors, supplying to HORECA inclusive of fast-food chains, amusement theme parks and the likes. Innovation and Convenience are the twin pillars of Pacific West products.

Pacific West seafood is:
Easy to cook – Direct from freezer to fryer
Convenient – Ready with seasoning/coating
Innovative – A wide variety of options and tastes
Quality – Produced with superior quality that meets high accredited standards of audits, which include BRC, YUM! and HALAAL certifications.
Consistent – Standardised portions

As a world-renowned seafood company, Pacific West is committed to driving innovation and creating award-winning flavours and product varieties – making an impact on food and beverage industry professionals and consumers alike.  Some of the innovative products have won several local and international awards over the years. Among them are the INTRADE Innovation Award, British Frozen Food Federation Award, Australia Fine Food Event Award and MIFT (Malaysian Institute of Food Technology) Award.

Seafood Excellence Global Award 2019
Seafood Excellence Global Award 2019

Pacific West Kuro Prawn and Prawn in Hor Mok Thai Coconut Sauce were awarded Winner of 2017 and 2019 Seafood Excellence Global Award for Best Innovation and Convenience category respectively. The judging criteria were based on dining experience, innovation, nutrition and market potential. The Convenience Product Award won recently is a significant recognition for the team efforts which answered the call for a healthy and nutritional product which can be conveniently prepared in the oven or microwave.

West Kuro Prawns
Pacific West Kuro Prawns


Kuro prawns in Hor Mok Thai Coconut Sauce
Prawns in Hor Mok Thai Coconut Sauce

From kitchens to restaurants, and cafes to big sporting events, Pacific West is proud to be a part of people’s lives and celebrations. We strive to continuously meet international standards with unwavering commitment to the world at large.

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