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Our favourite Siba moments on social media

We’ve all borne witness to the social media empire that Siba Mtongana has created by inviting us (her loyal fans) into her home, her life and her heart with candid family videos, funny memes and pure foodie greatness. We’ve shared some of our favourite moments that made us love this Queen even more.

1. The Sibalicious Chicken pesto pasta school lunch packed in for “sister boss (Buhle), paired adorably with and encouraging note from Mom.

@sibamtongana_official Tick tock, it’s time for school! ⏰ A simple and easy nutritious lunchbox idea for school or work… Sibalicious Chicken Pesto Pasta using left over chicken from last night. Toss together cooked & cooled penne pasta, veggies (I used cherry tomatoes) and shredded leftover chicken with enough basil pesto to coat. Fill your bento lunchbox with: - carrot sticks and sugar snap peas - grapes - watermelon stars - pretzel mix Voila! Absolutely Sibalicious! 🪄 💡Siba’s Tips: Now, if you want to take it to the next Sibalicious level for work lunch, finish it off with Parmesan shavings and basil leaves on top and squeeze of lemon. Boom!🔥 Tag a friend looking for inspiration too! #Sibalicious #sibalunchboxseries #foodielife #cheflife #momlife #familylife #inspiration #ideas #lunchbox #SibaRecipes #Siba #nutritious #foodie #chef #mom #mealsolutions #fyp #FoodTikTok #TikTokFood #foodtok #recipes ♬ Tick Tock - Tom Misch

2. Who could forget the hilarious video showcasing how easily a heap of of baby spinach wilts into basically nothing once heated in the pan!

3. The Squad trying out mopane worms for the first time on Linamandla’s 9th birthday. The comparison to prawns was genius and the outcome had us all in stitches.

@sibamtongana_official Happy 9th birthday to the king of mopane worms… Linamandla!! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🥳 My how time flies!!! 😲 #HBDlinamandla #LinaTurnsNine #TheSquad #TheMtonganas #foodiefamily ♬ original sound - sibamtongana_official

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