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Here’s why you need the AMC Speedcooker II in your life

When you think of a pressure cooker, what comes to mind? Perhaps your grandmother’s dodgy pot that had a tendency to shoot the lid off towards the ceiling? This is definitely not what an AMC pressure cooker looks like. The AMC Speedcooker II is well designed and very safe to use.

If you’re often short on time when it comes to cooking and preparing meals, the AMC Speedcooker II is definitely the answer. This specialised unit is used to pressure cook your food, cutting your cooking time down to a third when compared with other traditional cooking methods. Another great advantage of using a pressure cooker is that you will save money by using less electricity and you can go for more economical cuts of meat (that are often tougher) and dried beans and pulses instead of pre-prepared varieties (like in tins).

AMC Speedcooker

As with all pressure cookers, you need to use liquid when preparing your meal. The liquid is essential to build up steam and pressure in the sealed cookware. Take advantage of this by using your AMC Speedcooker II to cook foods that benefit the most from a moist heat cooking method. We love using ours for:
– Dried beans and pulses, like samp
– Stews & curries
– Soups
– Tough cuts of meat
– Long-cooking veggies, like artichokes, beetroots and potatoes 

It is also the perfect way to get creative with cookware, and you can use the Speedcooker II to cook pickled meats like corned meat in a third of the time, prepare flavour-packed stock, effortlessly cook a whole chicken to use as a tasty pie filling.

The AMC Speedcooker II is also fitted with three safety features, ensuring every cook is a safe cook. 

For more information about the AMC Speedcooker II and how to use it, take a look at this short video showing you how easy it is to prepare a delicious SA favourite, samp & beans. The cooking time is just over an hour and the ingredients haven’t even been soaked in advance! 

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