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MyKitchen Editors Top Picks For The Month

Here’s what the MyKitchen Editor is loving at the moment


Warm and cosy

We’re smack bang in the middle of winter and there are few things I can’t live without – one of which is my trusty gas heater! It took me the longest time to get one but now that I have it, I can’t imagine going through this season without it. I was worried about gas consumption, but I’ve found that leaving it on one bar for just a few hours a day does the trick in keeping my flat nice and toasty!


Food for your skin

One of my favourite pastimes is looking for ways to use common kitchen ingredients on my hair and skin – and a recurring star is rose water! I often splurge on organic rose water (no, not the one that you use in your milkshake!), and use this fragrant ingredient to help soothe my skin. If your skin tends to feel dry in winter like mine, then using a little bit as a toner in the morning makes a world of difference in leaving your skin soft and hydrated. Plus, it smells amazing and can also assist in balancing the skin’s oils! Be sure to do a patch test first though, as food ingredients can often cause allergic reactions
when applied topically.


Keep hydrated

For some reason, the one thing I always forget to do in winter is to hydrate! It’s quite hard to remember to drink water when it’s chilly outside, but not having enough can cause so many unnecessary health risks. In winter, I try to drink lots of tea to ensure that I’m getting enough water. A simple water-based drink that I enjoy during this time of year is a ginger tea made with fresh ginger, a stick of cinnamon, 2 cloves, and a dash of honey and lemon. Did I mention that it’s healthy, too? It’s a win-win!


Sea harvest

Need to reel in a quick and tasty dinner? Try Sea Harvest Oven Crisp fillets – available in Lightly Seasoned, Lightly Lemon and Garlic & Parsley. These wild-caught fish fillet portions are coated in a golden crumb and can be cooked straight from frozen. I love eating it with a cooked pasta, tossed in ready-made basil pesto and some freshly steamed baby peas for a quick and tasty meal that’s packed with omega-3s. Don’t forget to add a squeeze of lemon for freshness before serving! 


Loco for coconuts

It’s pretty difficult to choose a favourite pantry staple but if I had to, then rich and creamy tins of coconut milk and cream is right up there! I always have them on hand and no shopping trip is complete without adding a few tins to my shopping cart. I firmly believe that they both elevate the taste of sweet and savoury dishes such as mousses, curries and even soup! Another warming drink that I love to have on a cold and misty morning is a chocolate coconut latte – simply warm ½ tin coconut milk with ½ cup water, a dash of maple syrup, some cinnamon and a tbsp of cocoa for a smooth and chocolatey drink! 


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