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Heard of AMC Cookware? Here’s what you need to know

When you cook with AMC Cookware, you are cooking for life, literally because of their lifetime guarantee, and because cooking the AMC way improves your diet and enables a healthy lifestyle.

Many people believe that cooking healthy meals for your family is dependant on healthy recipes and using good-quality ingredients only, but what about your cookware? If you’re noticing hotspots while you’re cooking, discolouration of your cookware, a mild metal taste in your food, or even a funny wobble on a flat surface, you’ve probably got some serious cookware issues.

And this is where AMC shines. AMC is a cookware brand that has been around since 1968, and is trusted in homes throughout South Africa. They give you the ability to invest in your cookware once, without the need to ever replace it again.

Not only does this high-quality cookware last a lifetime and look good in your kitchen, but it’s also easy to cook with. Cookware that is easy to clean is another aspect that is often overlooked when purchasing pots and pans. AMC cookware simply washes with warm water and dishwashing soap and is dishwasher-friendly.

And if you do happen to have a mishap and burn your dinner, or if it loses its shine after many years of hard use, you can send your cookware to be repolished at the AMC factory in Atlantis in the Western Cape for a nominal fee.

All cookware also comes fitted with an AMC Visiotherm®, which is a thermometer built into the lid knob that will let you know when to lower or increase your heat, or when to remove the pot from the stove. Only the finest quality 18/10 stainless steel is used in the manufacturing of AMC, and this quality, combined with the patented Akkutherm base, enables you to cook the AMC way, using less fat and water than traditional cooking methods.

AMC cookware is manufactured in South Africa and is sold via a network of sales consultants, with a dedicated support centre for after-sales service and support.

When choosing your AMC cookware, whether you’re going for a stockpot, saucepan or frying pan, there’s a wide variety of sizes available. Their diverse range also includes serving ware, cutlery, kitchen knives, an induction stove and even a portable stainless steel braai – there really is something for everyone!

For more information, contact AMC’s support centre on 086 1111 262 or visit their website or Facebook page.

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