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MK test out 2 yummy slow roasted lamb recipes

In this edition of MK Test Kitchen, we test out slow roasted lamb recipes from two of our favourite international foodies, Jamie Oliver and Yotam Ottolenghi.  

Yotam Ottolenghi’s roast lamb

Serves 8

This yoghurt crust works wonderfully on roast chicken or beef.


For the marinade

1½ Tbsp allspice berries
1½ tsp cumin seeds and coriander seeds
1½ tsp paprika
1½  tsp black peppercorns
½ tsp ground turmeric
¼ tsp ground cloves
1 tsp soft light brown sugar
5-6cm piece fresh ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
1 head of garlic, cloves separated, peeled and roughly chopped
1 medium onion, peeled and roughly chopped
1/3 cup double-cream plain yoghurt
Salt and milled pepper

For the lamb

2kg bone-in lamb leg, trimmed of excess fat

2 Tbsp sunflower oil
1 packet plum tomatoes, halved
2 medium onions, peeled and quartered
5 cloves garlic, peeled
2 Tbsp tomato paste
¼ cup apple cider vinegar
1-2 scotch bonnet chillies, pierced all over with a knife (optional)
2 cinnamon sticks
2 cups chicken stock
600ml full-fat coconut milk
500g black-eyed beans, cooked

For the salsa

½ bag plum tomatoes (about 2 or 3), halved, deseeded and finely chopped
1 medium red onion, peeled and finely chopped
1 punnet coriander, leaves and soft stems, roughly chopped
½ lime, juiced


1. Finely crush the allspice berries, cumin, coriander and black peppercorns in a pestle and mortar.
2. Blitz together all the marinade ingredients, except the yoghurt, into a paste.
3. Add yoghurt and blitz for a few seconds until smooth.
4. Coat the lamb in
the marinade, loosely cover with clingfilm and chill for at least 1 hour.
5. Preheat oven to 170°C.
6. Heat oil in a pot and sauté́ half the tomatoes, onion and garlic for about 3-5 minutes, until golden and softened.
7. Transfer to a bowl and repeat the process with the remaining tomatoes, onion and garlic.
8. Add the first batch back into the pan and stir through tomato paste, vinegar, scotch bonnets (if using), cinnamon and stock.
9. Add the mixture to a large roasting tray then place lamb and any excess marinade on top.
10. Cover with foil and roast for 2 ½ hours.
11. Stir through the coconut milk and beans into sauce and roast for a further 45-60 minutes.
12. Remove from the oven and rest for at least 15-20 minutes.
12. Combine the salsa ingredients and season.

13. Serve the lamb with lashings of the delicious sauce and garnished with fresh herbs and salsa on the side.

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Jamie Oliver’s slow roasted lamb

Serves 6

Make sure to cover the meat with foil after cooking so that it retains all its juices while resting.


5 beef sausages, casings removed
1 punnet fresh sage, leaves picked
2 small bulbs fennel, chopped
2 red onions, chopped
1 cup white wine
1 cup cubed sourdough bread
3kg deboned lamb shoulder
1 bulb garlic, cloved peeled

For the green sauce

1 Tbsp pistachios or almonds
1 Tbsp olives
1 Tbsp capers, drained
2 Tbsp chopped baby gherkins or cornichons
4 anchovy fillets
2 Tbsp English mustard
1 punnet mint, leaves picked
1 punnet parsley, leaves picked
Glug red wine vinegar
Glug olive oil


1. Heat oil in a large pan and sauté sausage meat for about 5-6 minutes until golden and slightly crispy. (Use the back of a spoon to break the mince up if needed).
2. Add sage, fennel and onions and cook over a low-medium heat for about 20 minutes or until soft and caramelised. (Remember to stir, and do not burn any of the bits.)
3. Pour in the wine, then simmer for another 5 minutes.
4. Season, taste and adjust seasoning if needed.
5. Stir in sourdough chunks, remove from the heat and set aside to cool completely.
6. Place lamb onto a work surface, meat side facing up. Season well.
7. Place cold stuffing onto one end of the lamb and roll up to enclose. Secure with kitchen twine.
8. Preheat oven to 150°C.
9. Drizzle a deep baking tray with oil, scatter with garlic and place lamb on top.
10. Roast lamb for 3.5 to 4 hours, covered and basting with tray juices every 20 minutes.
11. Remove lamb from tray, cover with foil and leave to rest for 1 hour.
12. Blitz together the green sauce ingredients until desired consistency.
13. Serve lamb sliced and drizzled with green sauce.

Stuffing step by step

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


I really enjoyed Jamie Oliver’s recipe. The stuffing is simply delicious and can actually become a meal on its own. The meat was incredibly juicy and tender, too.

Art Director

I think the cut of lamb used in Yotam’s recipe was a good choice, as well as the delectable black bean and tomato sauce it gets served with.

Food Stylist

It honestly is tricky to choose between the two as both recipes are winners in my eyes. I’m obsessed with the stuffing in Jamie’s recipe and that coconut sauce in Yotam’s is to die for. In both recipes, the meat was incredibly tender, not dry at all and packed with so much flavour.


I loved Yotam’s recipe simply because lamb is quite a rich piece of meat, but paired with the coconut, tomato and black bean sauce, it cuts through that richness beautifully.

Head of Photography

I’m obsessed with Jamie’s recipe! It’s quite rich, but since lamb is such a showstopper roast, you’ll want to give it the decadence that it deserves. That green sauce is quite fragrant and flavourful so it could be used to accompany any roast, be it chicken, beef or pork. A sure winner for me!

Digital Intern 

Roast with the most

  • Although whole roasted lamb can be considered quite a costly meal, there are many ways to not only cut the costs, but get even more out of your roast:
  • Swap out the leg of lamb or lamb shoulder for a cheaper cut like beef brisket, which although costs less, can be treated in the same manner.
  • Omit the sausage and pistachios in the stuffing for Jamie’s recipe and bulk up with the torn bread chunks, fresh herbs and almonds.
  • Cook both lamb dishes for about 1-2 hours longer over a low heat until it is soft enough to be shredded with a fork. The shredded meat will feed a crowd better as opposed to thick slices.
  • Once lamb has been removed from the bone, toss the leftover bones and pan drippings into a pot. Top with water and 1 can chopped tomatoes to create a delicious gravy to pair with it.
  • Any leftover stuffing can be rolled into meatballs, pan-fried until golden and tossed into cooked pasta and drizzled with pan drippings for a delicious weeknight meal. Remember to season well and add a splash of lemon juice or Worcestershire sauce. Thicken with corn flour if desired.

Words, Recipes and Styling: Chad January
Photographs: Zhann Solomons

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