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CAB Foods Unicorn Doughnuts

Meet CAB Foods

When our grandmother made it her business to keep her grandchildren occupied, she laid the foundation for the business we today call CAB Foods. Around her kitchen table, we learned the ins and outs of baking, decorating cookies, and licking out the mixing bowl. This translated into a love of baking that has been handed down through generations.

CAB Foods, our multifaceted business, run by a family of bakers, for bakers, was officially found in 2004 and has been growing from strength to strength ever since.


At CAB Foods we understand that baking is amazing, therapeutic and requires skill, but also that life is too short to spend hours in the kitchen. We’re here to help you achieve boulangerie level baking, with time left to put your feet up and enjoy a cup of tea.

How do we do this? Easy. With the best, most innovative range of products any baker could dream of, readily available at any of our five stores, or to order via our online shop. We are here to help you create those memorable experiences that start in your kitchen and continue to live on in the hearts of your loved ones through a selection of world-class ingredients, equipment and tools, as well our own range of inventive, easy to use products. We do this because baking, in essence, creates joy, and we want to help you achieve your own joy through cooking and baking, the same way our grandmother did for us.

An array of gluten-free treats made with CAB Foods Gluten Free Premixes


Ever wished you could make a flawless cheesecake, perfect chocolate brownies, or masterful meringues with superhero speed? You can! The CAB Foods range of dry Premixes have all the goodness and authenticity of our traditional family recipes, jammed into fresh-sealed packaging, and ready for you to stir up and pop in the oven within a matter of minutes. No mess, no fuss, and no measuring of dry ingredients required.

Even notoriously tricky bakes, like red-velvet cake, macarons and gluten-free bread are included in our range of easy-to-use premixes, so anyone can feel like a super-hero baker.

In addition, we offer a wide range of delicious Pipe-and-Bake Batters you can literally pour into a pan and pop in the oven. Not to mention our scrumptious Ready-to-Bake cookie doughs and pastries. Whilst you chew on that, consider this; our exclusive range of Premixed icings, available in a range of colours and flavours, is ready to spread, smear or pipe onto any of your baked creations the moment you snip open the packet!

The CAB Foods range of Premixes offers must-have convenience and never-fail confidence to any beginner baker, but even big-league caterers, bakeries and businesses have realised the benefits of having our never-flop, time-saving products on hand, making us a well-known trade secret.

CAB Foods Cupcakes with Vermicelli


Creativity and baking go hand-in-hand, which is why our popular range of handmade cake toppers, edible decorations, and fantastic sprinkles makes us the shopping destination for bakers with flair. For those who need a bit of guidance on the creative side, we even developed a range of pre-packed Baking Kits containing everything you need for imaginative projects, like baking the perfect Rainbow Cake, Funfetti Vanilla Cake or Unicorn Doughnuts (no kidding).

CAB Foods Unicorn Doughnuts

Stocked with all the CAB Foods products you’ll need, hand-picked by our master bakers, our easy-to-use Baking Kits consist of fun cooking and baking projects easy enough to make with the kids, or by yourself.

CAB Foods Helium Balloons


While your guests are feasting on the homemade spread that you put together in a jiffy, why not astonish them even further with excellent décor? At CAB Foods we stock a wide range of decorative Party Goodies so beautiful, colourful and imaginative, the only thing you’ll be short of is excuses to entertain.

Based on the most up-to-date party trends, our exclusive party décor ranges feature plates, cups, packaging, bunting, themed cake pans available for rent, as well as the ultimate party essential; balloons! Our fantastically colourful selection of balloons can be filled with helium in our stores while you wait, or continue with your shopping.

In addition, we offer edible cake prints you can use to customise your event with bespoke, on theme cakes and cupcakes.

CAB Foods Custom Edible Prints


Although we pride ourselves in a great range of products specially designed to make time in the kitchen child’s play, we take the fun of cooking and baking very seriously.

Our stores are staffed with well-trained individuals, ready to help you find the right tools and ingredients for the job at hand, so enjoy some baking retail therapy and have a browse. Amongst our wide range of products, you’ll discover the ultimate hard-to-find specialist tools, equipment and baking components advanced bakers covet. Our devoted team of bakers and buyers keep abreast with the cutting edge of new baking techniques to make sure of this.

CAB Foods Cupcakes with Edible Bows


You’ll be able to find every potion, prodder and powder you need on our well-stocked shelves, or online shop, regardless of whether you’re baking a once-off project, or stocking your bakery or catering business with supplies. 

When it comes to bulk buying, our highly competitive wholesale department is famous for excellent service and fail-safe delivery. With unbeatable, factory shop prices, and our own snazzy delivery fleet, we’re just as passionate about dynamic business relationships as we are about your little one’s birthday party.

CAB Foods Pink Velvet and Marshmallow Petit Fours


Everything you see at CAB Foods is either chosen with immense care, or created at our family farm just outside Stellenbosch, with all the love and attention our Grandmother taught us. To be sure you get only the best, all our products are regularly tested and tasted in the CAB Foods kitchen. We enjoy these tastings around the very kitchen table she taught her grandchildren the love of Cooking And Baking at all those years ago.

Happy Cooking And Baking with CAB Foods.


From left: Chantelle Lahoud (Retail Director), Monique Lahoud (Finance), Martin Lahoud (CEO), Louise Lahoud (Head of Product Development), Elaine Lahoud (Managing Director)

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