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Kyoto Sushi Garden – The Fish Extravaganza

The 7-course seafood tasting menu at Kyoto Sushi Garden made me appreciate the simplistic umami flavours of Japanese food.

By Chiara Turilli

It felt like we were at a show. As we walked into the restaurant, which was light in an authentic inviting warm hue. Our waiter, who just happened to be a food photographer, gestured to a quaint two-seater table giving us an entire display of the sushi bar and kitchen.

The curtains had opened, the waiter brought us some warm sake and guided us through the different flavour profiles we would experience.

Course 1 | Exotic sushi

Course 2 | Whole squid in its ink

Course 3 | Oyster tempura

Course 4 | Udon noodles in iced lime broth

Course 5 | Succulent lobster with a side of burnt butter

Course 6 | Trio of Japanese flavoured ice cream

The plates that stole the limelight were the Sea Urchin Uni, Succulent Lobster with a side of burnt butter and Miso Ice Cream.


Sea urchin uni | It felt like I was truly experiencing the flavour of the ocean. It also has a subtle pepperiness. The synergy of sushi rice, seaweed and a fresh slice of sea urchin was impeccable.

Succulent lobster with a side of burnt butter | I found great satisfaction of pulling out a hunk of the plump sweet lobster flesh and dipping it directly into the caramelized butter. The intense flavour of the masterfully prepared burnt butter made this dish.

Miso ice cream | To me, this was the Japanese version of salted caramel. This ice cream fed all my senses. It was creamy, salty, sweet and there was a hint of the malt at the end.

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