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Kota with spicy pickles

Kota with spicy pickles

Take the humble ham sandwich to the next level by turning it into a kota. Just add some spicy pickles, eggs, a few other ingredients, and you’re good to go!

SERVES 4 // COOK TIME 20 min

For the spicy pickles
3 radishes, sliced
2 small cucumbers, sliced lengthwise
1 carrot, peeled into long shavings
1 jalapeño, sliced
1 red chilli, sliced
100 ml white wine vinegar
20 ml olive oil
1 tbsp sugar
Salt and black pepper
For the kota
Vegetable oil, to fry
4 eggs
4 hamburger rolls
Butter, for rolls
1 butter lettuce
1 tomato, sliced
150g cooked ham
1 red onion, peeled and sliced

For the pickles
1. Place the radishes, carrot, cucumber and chillies in a bowl. Mix the vinegar, oil and sugar in a separate bowl and season. Pour over the vegetables and leave to pickle for 15 minutes.
For the kota
1. Heat the oil in a pan over high heat. Fry the eggs for 5 minutes, until the whites are well cooked and the yolks are still slightly runny.
2. Slice and butter the rolls. Fill each roll with lettuce, tomato, ham, egg, pickles and red onion. Season.


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