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5 simple rules for making a smoothie

They are delicious, nutritious and as easy as can be to make, especially if you follow our five fool-proof smoothie-making rules.

By Roxy Greeff

Rule 1: Don’t add ice

Freeze your fruit the night before instead to achieve a smoother consistency and to increase the fibre content without compromising on taste (the ice will water down the smoothie). You can freeze any kind of fruit, especially if it’s going to be blended up and texture isn’t an issue. Buy seasonal produce in bulk, wash and dry it properly, then store in your freezer in convenient portions.

Rule 2: Thin down

To make sure you are getting a drinkable (and not chewable) smoothie, you need to thin it down. Most recipes call for fruit juice, but we recommend reaching for your favourite tea instead. Green tea is great for your metabolism, while rooibos has that taste we all love. Make a cup to the strength you like and chill overnight so it doesn’t warm your smoothie up.

Rule 3: Soak

A great way to add protein and even more taste to your smoothie is to pop in some seeds or nuts. Soak in just enough water for at least 7 hours. Again, we recommend you do this overnight so that everything is ready to go the next morning.

Rule 4: Add creaminess

Why not indulge a little by adding some smooth creaminess to your fruity drink. Add coconut, almond or oat milk, or any full-fat yoghurt of your choice. Go for Greek or Bulgarian yoghurt if you are watching your sugar intake.

Rule 5: Amp up the protein

If you are physically active, add as much protein as you can. Dollop in some nut butter – it doesn’t have to be fancy, peanut butter will do just fine – or add the recommended amount of a protein powder. If you are going for the powder, you may need some extra tea to thin it out.

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