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It’s 6 pm. And I’m ravenous

It’s 6 pm. And I’m ravenous.
Far too ravenous for any level of self-control to prevail. Far too ravenous to wait for supper. This is the exact moment I reach into the drawer for a teaspoon, and then into the cupboard for that shiny little jar of peanut butter. There I stand, shovelling spoonfuls of PB into my mouth (and not looking nearly as cute as Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black).
It is one of my two ‘secret’ food indulgences. ‘Secret’ only because they are activities for just one; not because I think there’s any shame in occasionally having a bowl of popcorn for dinner (my other indulgence).
So now it’s 6:10 pm, and I’m a few spoonfuls down, feeling very happy, and I wonder: If peanut butter is this amazing on its own, imagine the sheer number of utterly drool-worthy recipes incorporating the spread. 
Well, imagine no more, because we tried and tested and baked 
and fried until we settled on four recipes you need to eat (and sorry, sweet tooth, but that chicken peanut mole with coriander rice really has my tummy rumbling).
Speaking of sweet fantasies, you may have heard of a little cake called red velvet… Yes? Well, we wanted to take it one step further and celebrate everything red velvet, from the show-
stopper cheesecake on the cover to fudge and mousse. But don’t worry, there’s a classic red velvet cupcake recipe in there too.
It’s just gone past 6:15 and I have managed to put the PB back in the cupboard, close the door and walk away. After all, I need to save some for the marbled chocolate and peanut butter tarts I’m going to make…

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