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Host your own movie night: 5 ways how

Are you looking for a great way to spend a night indoors with your friends? Why not throw a spectacular movie night with our fun and festive decor and food tips.

1. Send an old-fashioned ticket invitation via email for guests to diarise easily.

Movie night invitation

2. Place badges of classic movie stars on seating cards as a gift.

Classic movie gifts

3. Use black and white movie posters as a tablecloth for a milkshake station, and treat your guests to some delicious Oreo shakes. Or kick it up a notch and prepare our decadent Milo milkshakes.

Milkshake station

4. Use movie ticket stubs as a great template for flavour labels at a popcorn bar.

Movie popcorn

5. Set up a snack and refreshment station using vintage wooden crates packed with popcorn cones and cooldrinks.

Snack bar

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