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The hashtag can help with weight loss

Guess what, foodies! Instagram is not only good for making us jealous about someone’s metre-long tower of cinnamon doughnuts or their double-decker bacon burger. It’s pretty handy for setting us on a healthy eating path too, thanks to #InstaHealth. So the next time you feel tempted by the slab of chocolate in your cupboard, get cosy with Insta and search for these hashtags…


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With International Year of Pulses and the growing awareness of the negative effect of meat production on the Earth, more and more people are switching to plant-based protein. Not only is it super yum, but it’s also a much more affordable option. Join in on the global movement and challenge yourself to dodge the meat at least one meal a day.


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For a healthy, balanced life, we say have your cake and eat it too! Don’t deprive yourself of your favourite foods, rather swap out ingredients for healthier alternatives.


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Choose one meal today and prepare it with wholesome, nutritious ingredients sans added sugar, fat or salt. Also be mindful of your eating by chewing slowly and deliberately and stop eating when you are feeling full.


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There’s no waving goodbye to your after-work drinks. But do try to limit it to one or two days per week and stick to no more than two drinks at a time. Swap your beer or glass of wine for vodka or gin mixed with lemon juice and sparkling water.


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The weekend is for catching up with friends and family and restoring your energy. So save time and effort on cooking the Friday evening by preparing an extra batch of something healthy during the week and freezing it in portions. Now all you have to do is heat and eat as the weekend arrives.


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Make the most of your off day by experimenting with an healthy ingredient you’ve never used before. You never know, Brussel’s sprouts might just be your new favourite!


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No healthy lifestyle is complete without a cheeky treat! You have been eating healthily all week, so go out and enjoy something decadent.

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