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Grapefruit and gin martinis

There’s no better way to start off the weekend than by sipping on a refreshing and delicious drink. Gin is definitely making its mark as the drink of 2018, and can be paired with many different herbs and flavours. For these stunning gin martinis, we’ve opted for a bitter-sweet taste to forget about those weekday stresses.

SERVES 2 // COOKING TIME 10 min, plus chilling time

3 grapefruits (2 juiced, 1 sliced into wedges)
2 tbsp syrup
15 g fresh thyme, plus extra to garnish
2 shots gin

1. Place the juice, syrup and thyme in a pan over low heat. Whisk until the syrup has dissolved. Allow to cool, then refrigerate.
2. Strain the juice into two glasses, along with a shot of gin in each glass. Serve with thyme and a wedge of grapefruit.

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