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Freeze! You need a chest freezer

Everyone loves a chest freezer and with good reason. Some buy food in bulk at discounted prices and freeze it for later use, others prefer to cook large portions and freeze it for a quick warm-up later. Busy working moms especially find their chest freezer handy for both these reasons as the weekend shopping and cooking can be frozen for use in the busy workweek.


One could say that there are only benefits to having a chest freezer, but for some there are two problems: Size and electricity usage. Univa Quality Appliances identified these issues and solved the problem with a unique product: The smaller, energy efficient Univa U125 Chest Freezer.


It is a fact that homes are becoming smaller, especially for busy city-dwellers. These smaller spaces may be modern and more affordable but it is not good news for the traditional large chest freezer. Where do you put it? The kitchen is too compact, the spare room is not spare anymore and the car needs a garage. Univa’s U125 Chest Freezer is so compact it takes up less than half the space of a conventional large freezer. However, with 110 litres of storage capacity you can still freeze ample amounts of food conveniently and efficiently.



We are all experiencing the rapid rise in electricity costs and we can feel the impact on our household budget. So who needs another energy-hungry appliance? The Univa U125 Chest Freezer is A energy efficiency rated , which means less electricity cost for efficient freezing performance.


They say dynamite comes in small packages – the Univa U125 Chest Freezer is a cool example of that fact.

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