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The new deliciously unlikely dessert trend

We all saw it on a particularly gripping episode of MasterChef Australia. Soon after, food bloggers caught on to the unlikely dessert trend. Now, top chefs are introducing unlikely ingredients to their dessert menus, such as sugary vegetables. We take a closer look at this quirky foodie craze.

Chickpea blondies

Cinnamon-Walnut-Blondies-2 You may be hesitant to mix a legume with chocolate, but it’s said to deliver a drool-worthy, moist and fudgy treat. Why not make a batch yourself?

Brinjal tarte Tatin with black pepper and caramel

re-eggplant-tarte-tartin-608 Brinjals have a lovely neutral flavour, making them the perfect ingredient to take on the sweet and rich flavour of home-made caramel. This recipe serves this unlikely pairing on a bed of flaky, buttery pastry – need we say more?

Candied tomatoes It should come as no surprise that tomatoes make for wonderful pops of sweetness in dessert (they are a fruit after all!). This recipe pairs these sugary treats with a mouth-watering cornmeal cake.

Cucumber ice cream

recipes-cooking-cucumber-ice-cream-article944 This chilled-out fruit gets even cooler when sweetened with condensed milk and churned into a frozen delight.

Crystalised fennel

candied-fennel1-800 The best way to add a fragrant twist to pancakes, waffles or panna cotta is to top the dish off with some candied fennel bits. You can even use the fronds and bulb!


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