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Craig Paterson

Craig Paterson – The President Hotel

Executive Head Chef Craig Paterson is known for his fantastic cuisine at The President Hotel, in the heart of Bantry Bay. His cooking techniques go a long way, so much so that he has had the pleasure of serving some of the world’s A-list dignitaries and celebs!

Craig’s philosophy of upliftment through education is an important matter to him, and he employs this with his staff. He has worked with trainees from various hotel and chef schools, passing on his knowledge. His mission is to train people with no experience or knowledge, and watch as they become passionate and excel in the culinary arts.

Paterson plans on maintaining The President Hotel’s well-earned reputation for good food, but in doing so, ensuring his chefs fully understand the process of creating gastronomic cuisine. A newly developed summer menu has introduced a modern twist to the usual dishes served – and the response is fantastic. Diners are loving the change of variety, and the team of chefs are enjoying it even more! In addition to the menu change, the Botany Cafe was opened a few months ago, and the hotel recently revamped its conferencing venue and .

Next year, Paterson and his team plan to start an in-house bakery where they’ll bake their own artisan breads, with a potential Presidential High Tea and interactive cooking station that can double up as a ‘chef’s table’. More ideas include a ‘butcher to table’ concept, where there will be an opportunity for guests to watch the butcher or fish monger grill their food.

Craig and his team have big hopes for 2017, and with new flavours and modern trends, guests at The President Hotel have everything to be excited for.

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