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Bowls and things!

As children, we all once sat on a high chair, with a brightly-coloured spoon in hand and a big bowl of something yummy on the table before us. Quite suddenly, adulthood beckoned and our spoon was replaced with a knife and fork, while our inviting bowl was exchanged for the more sophisticated dinner plate. We’re delighted to share that the bowl-food trend is making a defiant – and fun – comeback. From smoothie bowls to Buddha bowls, the bowl has returned in all its former glory. We suggest you update your crockery cupboard, because if it can fit in a bowl, it should go in a bowl!

Behold the bowl

2016 has been a year of rather interesting world events, and this recent food-bowl trend is no exception. Many a recent food blogger, cookbook author and restaurateur have based their entire business concept around the idea of eating solely from a bowl, and rather surprisingly, each of these endeavours have been a raging success. Britain’s resident kitchen queen, Nigella Lawson, was even quoted saying that if she was offered a choice, she would eat every meal out of a bowl! Following Britain’s sudden love affair with the piece of crockery, the UK has seen a 28% increase in bowl sales in the last year. We could regard the wild popularity of this trend as another peculiarity of 2016, or, it could be, that the foodies of the world are truly on to something…

Bring on the bowl

The spectacular thing about eating from a bowl, is that it makes it very easy to incorporate a wide variety of textures, flavours and ingredients, into one nutrient-dense and delicious meal. Queue the entrance of the smoothie bowl; a dish filled with fruit and veggies, with the added nutritional benefits of a variety of superfood toppings and other tasty add-ons. Another household name among the bowl-obsessed foodies is the grain bowl, also known as the Buddha or nourish bowl. These wholesome single-serving dishes aim to offer a balanced bowl of healthy fats, lean protein, wholegrains and roasted or fresh veg for a soul-satisfying, deeply nourishing meal.

Let’s go bowling

It may have begun as another opportunity for pretty, instrgram-worthy pictures, but this trend has more substance than meets the eye. Whether it will make you feel like a kid again or encourage you to eat a more varied and healthy diet, no one can underestimate the ease and comfort of eating something hearty and healthy from the beloved bowl.

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