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Cocktail tips and tricks for beginners

Tis the season to be jolly – that means holiday soirées and parties galore. Follow these tips to expand your repertoire, become a beginner mixologist and impress your friends with yummy cocktails (and mocktails) all evening. Cheers!

Use the correct glassware 

The first step to preparing a yummy cocktail is to choose the right glass. Did you know that the type of glass you serve your drink plays a crucial role in bringing its flavours to life? Tall and narrow highball cocktail glasses are typically used when the majority of your drink consists of a non-alcoholic mixture. Low-ball glasses are ideal for drinks with muddled ingredients, while martini glasses allow for garnishes on toothpicks to stay upright. So, make sure to choose the right glass to sip your delicious drink. 



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Keep your ingredients fresh 

The variety of cordials to choose from when dipping your toe in the art of mixology can be overwhelming. Why not ditch cordials altogether and use fresh ingredients? Not only will fresh fruits and herbs make your colourful drinks look better, they will also improve the taste and flavour. From squeezes of zesty limes to the aromas of muddled basil and mint, fresh is best! 

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Try different kind of ice  

Different ice for different folks! The ice you use for the cocktail (or mocktail) depends on the drink you are making. Standard-sized ice cubes are used for almost any drink – no matter if it is shaken or stirred. Large ice cubes are better to keep whisky-based cocktails chilled. It also allows you to taste the spirit before it gets watered down. Crushed (also called pebble) ice is perfect for drinks that need to be diluted.  

Have the right tools on hand 

If the words ‘jigger’ and ‘muddler’ sound foreign to you, don’t worry – here are three top tools and how they make your drink taste amazing.   

Muddler: A stick (wooden, plastic or stainless steel) to mash and combine fresh ingredients like herbs, fruit and sugar to infuse flavour in your drink. 

Jigger: The cup on each side makes measuring full or half shots when mixing your drinks easy.  

Cocktail shaker: A shaker allows you to quickly mix the ingredients of your drink. Mixing your drink in a shaker also cools your cocktail faster than stirring due to the ingredients being repeatedly exposed to the surface area of the ice.  


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