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The Beards are back at Bot rivier

This year’s annual Barrels & Beards Harvest Festival will take place in Bot River, one of the Cape’s most exciting winelands destinations! So get your glasses ready to celebrate the harvest and its glorious journey from the vineyard to our taste buds.

Barrels & Beards welcomes everyone to a festive and delectable dinner spread with an abundance of wine to taste, straight from the magnificent Barton Vineyards. It’s an occasion to let loose, have fun, and enjoy the pleasures of this unique winery.

But, to get to the question you all want answered, why the beards? Harvest season is extremely time-consuming, leaving little time for sleep and no time to shave. The seasonal hairiness of the winemakers became a regular sight year after year, eventually leading to an annual beard-growing challenge. So, to add to the merriment of the event, the Beard Parade takes centre stage, with judges assessing the facial hair of the men who work the vines. The winner receives the coveted title of Best Bot Beard.

After this, you can expect the Bot River wine auction (all proceeds going to children in need in the area) and the Botriviera dinner, where guests are offered an abundance of delicious local produce.


When: 22 April 2017
Where: Bot River Wine Route
Ticket price: R450


Pre-book via Tickets go on sale 1 February on


Facebook: @BotRiverWines
Twitter: @BotRiverWines

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