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Banana penguins

These cute little banana penguins are fun and easy to make! They’re perfect for themed birthdays, special occasions, or even as little lunch box desserts! Get the kids involved and watch them devour their treats afterwards.


100 g cooking chocolate, grated
4 bananas, peeled
Handful of Jelly Tots
Handful of white mini marshmallows
1 stick black liquorice

1. Place ¾ of the chocolate in a double boiler and melt slowly. Add the remaining chocolate and stir until fully melted.
2. Chop the bananas in half and dip each half in the chocolate. Leave the front parts uncoated. Allow to dry for 5 minutes, then dip again.
3. Dip a few of the Jelly Tots in the chocolate and press them firmly on the bananas to make the penguins’ feet. Slice a few Jelly Tots in half and attach as the beaks.
4. Slice the mini marshmallows in thirds to make the eyes. Attach with melted chocolate. Snip off small pieces of liquorice to make the pupils.
5. Repeat until all penguins are finished, then serve.

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