You are currently viewing 6 delicious in season fruits and veggies, plus recipes!

6 delicious in season fruits and veggies, plus recipes!

Apart from enjoying the outdoors and all the fun in the sun, summer is also a favourite season for its abundance of delicious in season fruits and veggies. Sweet tropical fruits are available for bakes and puddings, and there is a whole range of veggies to enjoy too in cool and tasty dishes.

By Taryn Wilson

Living in South Africa, we are fortunate to have a summer that brings us a wide array of ingredients to go absolutely mal over in the kitchen. Have a look at these 6 yummy summer fruits and vegetables, plus fun recipes to try with them.



Chia and fig parfaits

They may be small, but figs pack loads of sweet flavour that works in both sweet and savoury recipes. Whether on pizza or with some ice cream, they add a naturally sugary taste that can be complemented by many flavours.
Try it: Chia fig parfaits


Banana bread French toast

Being one of the most versatile fruits, bananas are perfect for any meal, especially brekkies. They make a great filler ingredient while adding sweetness and subtle flavour.
Try it: Banana bread French toast


Ginger and pineapple bake

If there was ever a fruit to represent summer and tropical vibes, it’s pineapple! Similarly to figs, pineapples can be used in sweet or savoury dishes for their incredible flavour. They’re also delicious to enjoy on their own or in a fruit salad.
Try it: Ginger and pineapple bake



Moroccan meatballs with chargrilled brinjals

One of our favourites, brinjals make the best veggie for whole and hearty meals, but you can also incorporate them into salads and unique dishes fit for summer.
Try it: Moroccan meatballs with chargrilled brinjals

Baby marrow

Zoodle and quinoa caprese salad jar

Baby marrows have been around forever but have started becoming a more popular veggie option for those looking for healthier alternatives. Zucchini noodles (zoodles) and baby marrow fries are big favourites in restaurants and kitchens, and they also happen to be super yummy!
Try it: Zoodle and quinoa caprese salad jar


Chicken and beetroot bowls

Beetroot not only adds stunning colour to your meal, but it’s also nutritious and sweet, making it perfect for mixing with yummy summer flavours.
Try it: Chicken and beetroot bowls

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