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5 alternative Christmas food ideas (with recipes!)

We all know the drill! Christmas time comprises of a Christmas Eve dinner and/or a Christmas day lunch filled with decadent and indulgent meats, veggies, salads, baked goods and more. Oh, and don’t forget about the main roast. But with all the cooking and prep (not to mention the clean-up afterwards), it can leave little time to actually enjoy the time with your loved ones. Step away from tradition this year and make Christmas a day celebrating fun, summer and simple foods with 5 alternative Christmas food ideas!

By Taryn Wilson


Lamb and apricot sosaties

Being South African, how can we not include a casual braai in our festivities? Keep it simple with your favourite meats, quick sides and braaibroodjies while you open gifts and enjoy time with your friends and family.
Try it: Lamb and apricot sosaties


Caesar salad roll-ups

If you know you’re in for a busy day visiting friends and family, having a light lunch of cold meats, salads and finger foods is a quick and delicious option. Put all your family’s favourite bite-sized goods so everyone can grab a bite in a jiffy.
Try it: Caesar salad roll-ups


Snoek bobotie on

What better way to appreciate family than by prepping your favourite local/family recipe that everyone will enjoy? Whether it’s breyani, pap and wors, curry, or snoek – dig into that local flavour!
Try it: Snoek bobotie


Beetroot and butternut stacks

Go vegan or vegetarian for a unique Christmas meal that may just become a tradition. Skipping out on meat lets you save on money and time when it comes to prepping, plus there are loads of delicious ways you can enjoy veggies, fruits, herbs, nuts and vegan alternatives!
Try it: Beetroot and butternut stacks


Home-made strawberry and Nutella pop tarts

Skip the savoury feast and head straight to a lunch/dinner of baked goods, sweet treats and adorable festive-themed goodies for your Christmas indulgence! It’ll be a hit with everyone, and you won’t have to worry about waiting hours for the roast to cook, or clean up loads of salad bowls!
Try it: Home-made strawberry and Nutella pop tarts

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