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4 tips with meatballs you never knew about

Dry and chewy meatballs will be a thing of the past once you’ve read these great tips. Your taste buds will thank you! 

Choose fatty meat 

Not just any cut of meat will make the cut for a juicy meatball. Although you can make a meatball with any meat, opt for fattier ground meats. Beef, pork and lamb make juicier meatballs. Lean meat, like chicken and turkey, runs the risk of becoming tough when overcooked. You can even try blending two or three different ground meats to create a yummy depth of flavour. 

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Always add moisture 

The protein in the meat makes it shrink when you cook it, which can leave the meatballs dry and tough. That’s why adding a moistening agent, like milk, to your meatball mixture is crucial. A splash (or two) of milk does not only keep the meatballs moist, but it also adds a creamy texture and helps to bind the ingredients. 

Get creative with your herbs and spices 

The right medley of herbs and spices is a sure way to pack some flavour into your meatballs. Spice up your grandmother’s recipe by experimenting with fresh herbs like parsley, mint or oregano and some garlic and chilli. Add seasonings liberally and try cheeses like Parmesan and Pecorino for extra tang. Have you ever had a meatball with too much flavour? We didn’t think so! 

Bake them in the oven 

Skip the frying pan (and the oil splattering everywhere) and bake your meatballs in the oven. Not only will you avoid those meatball-related oil injuries you risk with frying, but baking them is quick and easy. And your meatballs will be less oily with the same delicious flavour. No mess, no fuss! 


@masha_adolph Ingredients For Baked Meatballs: * 1 lb ground beef,2 tsp garlic powder,2 tsp onion powder,1 tsp Italian seasoning,1/2 tsp ground black pepper,1 tsp salt ,1 large egg,Fresh cut basil ,1/2 cup water Ingredients For the Marinara Sauce:  3 tsp olive oil,2 cloves garlic,1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes (optional),1 (28-ounce) can crushed tomatoes,1/2 tsp salt,1 tsp sugar,1 tsp Italian seasoning,Extra Parmesan cheese,Fresh cut basil For the Easy Baked Meatballs: * Preheat oven to 425 degrees (F). * Mix all ingredients * Scoop about one tablespoon of meat into your palms and roll it into a ball. * Place the baking sheet in the oven to bake for 15 minutes * While the meatballs bake, make your marinara! #food#healthyrecipes #meatballs #fyp #healthcoach #wellnessjourney ♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

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